Hello Titusville Residents!

The chilly February winds are blowing outside my door, but I am inside dreaming about a warm and sunny Fourth of July!  This year's parade and festivities will take place on Tuesday, July 4th.  We will open the day at 10 am with Children's games and activities behind the Titusville School.  10:30 will begin the opening of the eatery - say hi to some new faces under the tent this year!  

10:30 will also mark the commencement of face painting and music in the front of the Titusville School, followed by the Opening Ceremony, the Baby Parade and the Bike Parade.  The Crowing of Miss 4th will take place at 12:15 pm followed by the drawing of our winner for the Firecracker raffle and the start of the Big Parade at 1 pm!!

Be sure to get seats early to hear the blessing offered by Deacon Larry Gallagher and listen to the beautiful voices of our soloists singing a patriotic tune.  And say hi and give a wave to our Emcee, Mr. Tim Shaub!!

Wherever you are along the parade route, be prepared to see our beautiful Miss 4th Candidates, watch the sparkle and step of our fan favorites, and hear the horns of our shining Fire, Emergency and Police vehicles driven by our neighborhood heroes.

This year's theme, "Eagles on the Delaware" will be sure to hit home.  Numerous sightings of the American Bald Eagle were noted right here on the Delaware River in Titusville in 2016 and I expect there to be even more this year in 2017.

Please show your support for our town, our parade, and our nation by taking part in our planned events this year.  The BYOB will be back in full swing on Saturday, April 29th.  Mark your calendar now and plan to be at the Union Fire Company and Rescue Squad Banquet Hall on this date to share in this extremely fun and exciting evening!

We are also in the planning stages of our first ever Fall event, a walking tour through historic homes on River Drive!  Please contact us if you are interested in participating as an attendee or as a host.

Additionally, with the planning of these events and the planning of all that goes into our big day on the Fourth of July, we are ALWAYS on the lookout for creative and energetic volunteers of all ages to help in one way or another.  We welcome everyone, so please reach out if you have been considering the idea of joining our committee or lending a helping hand at one of our events!!

Anxiously awaiting those beautiful summer days to come...

Your're TTV 4th Co-President,

Jesse Swanson