Hello Titusville Fans!

 This year's parade and festivities will take place on Wednesday, July 4th.  We will open the day at 10:30  am with the opening of the eatery - say hi to some new faces under the tent this year!  Look for your special birch beer float in your commemorative 75th-anniversary mug! 

10:30 will also mark the commencement of face painting and balloon Man and music in the front of the Titusville School by Mike McManus and the Strange Brew Crew, followed by the Opening Ceremony, the Baby Parade and the Bike Parade.  The Crowing of Miss 4th will take place at 12:15 pm but we have a special request.  In 1986 there was no parade, a drop in volunteers caused for too few hands to do the work of the majestic festivities, but that means the class of 1986 ladies never got a chance to be Miss 4th of July.  CALLING ALL LOVELY ladies from the class of 1986...Do you want to finally make your dreams come true?  Join us for the crowning of Miss 4th and all of the alumni members of 1986 too!  The 75 Anniversary Parade starts the Big Parade at 1 pm!!

Be sure to get seats early to hear the blessing offered by our Presbyterian minister Reverend Good and listen to the beautiful voices of our soloists singing a patriotic tune.  The Master's of Ceremonies this year will be the combined dynamic force of Tim Shaub and Judy Niederer! 

Wherever you are along the parade route, be prepared to see our beautiful Miss 4th Candidates, watch the sparkle and step of our fan favorites, and hear the horns of our shining Fire, Emergency and Police vehicles driven by our neighborhood heroes.

This year's theme, "Diamond on the Delaware... Titusville Celebrates its 75th parade!"  We are ordering a variety of great gear! Tshirts, Hats, coosies, aprons, and TTV magnets for one and all.

Please show your support for our town, our parade, and our nation by taking part in our planned events this year.  The BYOB will be back in full swing on Saturday, April 21th.  Mark your calendar now and plan to be at the Union Fire Company and Rescue Squad Banquet Hall on this date to share in this extremely fun and exciting evening!  Remember, any community member who brings a dessert to share gets their very first 5 raffle baskets for FREE.  We will be raffling off various community gift cards, our legendary Home Depot wheelbarrow prize, and patriotic and River Crafts made by our very own committee members!  If you have an item to donate, please contact me as soon as you can... there will be more free raffle tickets in your future!

Additionally, with the planning of these events and the planning of all that goes into our big day on the Fourth of July, we are ALWAYS on the lookout for creative and energetic volunteers of all ages to help in one way or another.  We welcome everyone, so please reach out if you have been considering the idea of joining our committee or lending a helping hand at one of our events!!

Anxiously awaiting those beautiful summer days to come...

We are proud to put on a parade for our community.  We are proud to live in this town and contribute for a fun day for all, but more hands make little work.  Consider offering your hand to help and we will be there to pull each other up together.


Jamie Swanson
President Community Fourth of July Committee

Titusville, NJ