May 14, 2021

This year we are proud to celebrate our Independence back in the village we love.TTV took 2020 to stay safe at home.  We don’t regret that comittment to safety, but hoped and dreamed of days we could get BACK TO FUN in 2021”Following changing guidance and with the support of our township officials, we are planning to have our Community 4th of July Paradeon Sunday July 4, 2021.  We will be careful, and some features will be a little different but this little town, with a big heart will persevere.  River Drive will close at 10 am, and the BABY Parade participants will be lined up on Trimmer Avenue at 11 am, Followed by our BIKE parade line up at 11:15 am, then BIG Parade, which will start at 12 noon. Our Grand Marshalls this year will be our very own HOMETOWN Heroes!
Jon Loughlin...our favorite UPS driver, 
Louis from USPS, and Kurt Pederson... Cheif of UFCRS.

Join us on River Drive, Maintain social distancing, and enjoy being “BACK to FUN in 2021!”  The Durham  boats are coming back! They were a hit,  muskets at the ready and there’s a rumor  we may find a canon in their midst.  Thank you for showing your support for  our town, our parade, and our nation. 

Patriotically Yours,

The Community 4th of July Parade Committee